Why not create new consumable products out of arguably the most sustainable crops on the planet?

The impact of our efforts reach beyond simply better for you product options – we seek to have a broader impact on the planet as a whole, by helping address the following concerns through new industry:

  • Water scarcity: Today’s modern agriculture uses 70% of the available freshwater on the planet. The approach of many food producers is to genetically modify crops to use less water. Our approach is to utilize the planets most naturally resilient crops, including bamboo, which thrives without the use of irrigation and is highly drought resistant.
  • Combating greenhouse gases: Bamboo is more efficient at converting greenhouse gases; it absorbs CO2, as do all plants, but produces 35% more Oxygen than the equal stand of hardwood trees.
  • Land Conservation: As the global population continues to grow, there is also a growing concern of how we will keep up the food supply for the world. Deforestation is a common practice to establish new farmland to meet this need. We seek to utilize wild harvest crops with high-yield returns, which grow in native habitats, lowering the need for new dedicated farmland.
  • Our commitment to organic: There is a broader positive impact for the individual consumer and the planet as a whole. Not only is it proven that organic produce and products are better for one’s health, but the farming practices to produce such crops have a more harmonious effect on the planet by not using fertilizer or pesticides, unlike most cash crops.
  • Economic development: In developing countries, unemployment can often spur civil unrest. Industry surrounding bamboo most often creates jobs in areas that need social and economic stability. Our bamboo farmers receive an above-average wage and have access to vital social programs such as adult education and pension.

Exuberance for Life

  • Embody an exuberance for life in all IGZU does and all IGZU creates.
  • Push the boundaries to re-think what is possible – be an active catalyst in shaping the world we want to see.
  • Thrive within our collective community – find exuberance in everyday life, and share it.

Responsible Transparency

  • Display responsible transparency through a commitment to open and honest sourcing, consumer messaging, and company intentions.
  • Include our collective community – such as employees, supply chain partners, stakeholders, and most importantly our extended family of consumers, in this growing open dialogue.

Believe in Humanity

  • Trust that all people do care, and if given a more sustainable option without sacrifice of their inherent needs, will make the more sustainable choice.
  • Strive to understand where people are today and make a conscious effort to help them facilitate more thoughtful consumer choices.

Sustainable Business

  • Continue to grow our impact through sustainable crop sourcing, community engagement, as well as the charitable giveback built off sales, not profits.
  • Operate within a thoughtful business model that will sustain future growth and continue to thrive, while bringing these values to life.

Why not do more?

IGZU has committed to actively donating 1% of all sales – not just profits – to charities focused on helping sustain and preserve this little planet we all call home.

In all that IGZU does, we seek to “be the change” and challenge our supporters join us.

Can what you drink help change the world?

Together, let’s find out.

We proudly partner with the following non-profits. Click below to discover more of their individual missions and impact.

Do you still have questions? Below you can find some frequently asked questions about IGZU.


Q: What exactly is bamboo leaf tea?

We take actual wild-harvest Caribbean bamboo leaves and brew and steep them like a traditional tea.

Q. Is IGZU Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO?

A. Yes! All of IGZU’s products are certified USDA Organic. As with all certified organic products, IGZU is also Non-GMO.

Q. Is IGZU certified Kosher?

A. Yes! All of IGZU’s products are certified Kosher.

Q: Is there caffeine?

No – IGZU’s products are all naturally caffeine-free, meaning that our leaves do not even undergo the chemical de-caffeination process that can leave behind trace amounts of caffeine as well as traces of the chemicals themselves.

Q: Does IGZU contain allergens like gluten?

No – IGZU is completely gluten-free and free of all major allergens.

Q: Is IGZU vegan-friendly?

Yes – there are absolutely no ingredients derived from animals in any of IGZU’s products.

Q: Is IGZU’s bamboo leaf tea actually “tea”?

Technically speaking, no – “tea” refers to the Camellia sinensis plant species – which is used to make your common green, black, and white teas. IGZU’s bamboo leaves (and botanical blends) are steeped and brewed in a similar method to a traditional tea, bring you a “tea” made out of bamboo leaves instead of tea leaves.

Q. Can children drink IGZU?

A. Absolutely! IGZU is naturally caffeine-free and a great organic beverage alternative with lower calories and sugar than most conventional children’s beverages.

Q: I can’t find my favorite flavor of IGZU at my local store – what should I do?

Please talk to your store’s manager and let them know you’d love to find IGZU on their shelves.

Q: What does the name, “IGZU” mean?
  • IGZU stems from the phonetical spelling of the word “exuberance” (noun. ex·u·ber·ance \ig-ˈzü-b(ə-)rən(t)s\). We want to create products that embody our exuberance for life and sustainability.
Q: But what about the pandas?!?!? Does your supply chain take food away from them?

No – absolutely no pandas are harmed in the sourcing of our ingredients. We take pride in sourcing our bamboo from North America – which does not contain any habitats of wild pandas. We have great affinity for these amazing bamboo-loving creatures.

Other questions? We’d love to chat! Contact us directly at hello@IGZUlife.com