IGZU is the first of its kind – we brew actual bamboo leaves with dried botanicals to create unique flavor profiles.

When we created IGZU, we sought to create the most sustainable beverage possible – by using arguably the most sustainable crop on the planet, bamboo, as our core ingredient. The result is a healthful and great tasting USDA Certified Organic tea unlike any other.

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Bamboo tea has its own storied heritage having been used medicinally in India, China, and South America for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Are we claiming IGZU is a captured version of the fountain of youth? Is the sky blue if you’re color blind? Who really knows….and our legal team has advised us, “Not to make such a claims.” However, the health benefits of our core ingredients in nature have been studied and the benefits are astounding – so we’ll let you be the judge.

The unique benefits of bamboo tea stem from its high silica content, which has been seen to improve bone and connective tissue health, dental health, strengthen hair and nails, aid in skin elasticity, and contains antioxidants similar to green tea.

Did we mention only 40 calories or less per 16 ounce bottle? That’s because we add only 10 grams of organic cane sugar, or none at all. This creates a product with great hydrating benefits and just the right amount of enjoyable organic sweetness. Can’t wait to enjoy? Good news – everybody can! IGZU is also naturally caffeine-free, so belly-up my friend and get in on all of this organic goodness.