Wow, what a whirlwind this last month has been! Since finishing the BevNet Live experience, we have been hard at work taking the experience and invaluable insight we received there to make IGZU and our positioning even better.  We’re now focusing on what makes people take notice of IGZU and what makes us truly disruptive within the beverage industry – and that is being the first bottled bamboo leaf tea.  From the beginning, this has been our main differentiating factor. Moving forward and going into production, after thoughtful consideration, we have made the decision to reformulate the recipe to focus on this first to market positioning. The finished product that will ultimately be available on store shelves will not include aloe. While we know this may be disappointing news for fans of aloe, we know this is the right choice and best positioning for IGZU.

We have tested our recipes without aloe, and in doing so, have found that response in taste tests is unanimously in favor of our new formulation.

One other exciting evolution – IGZU will now be available in a resealable glass bottle, instead of plastic.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for a glimpse at these exciting changes!

– Courtney & Zach