Fresh off of our successful Kickstarter campaign – WHICH WAS BECAUSE OF ALL OF OUR AMAZING BACKERS!!!! We are already being recognized within the beverage industry, and we have made it to the semi-final round of BevNet’s New Beverage Showdown, now in its 10th edition – a national competition showcasing new companies and innovative ideas within the beverage industry.  The event is a main attraction of the national beverage publication’s bi-annual BevNet Live event.

Think of it as being nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy’s or being selected to compete on Project Runway, only with a lot less side-boob action and overall questionable attire. This is kind of like that, only for the beverage industry. To say we are incredibly grateful for this opportunity is an understatement. Having worked so hard to create an innovative and sustainable product, it is rewarding to have an industry herald like BevNet recognize our efforts by including us in this select group.


Over 40 companies entered the competition, and 15 were selected to present at the semi-finals in Santa Monica on Monday, December 7th. Of those, 6 will be selected to move on to the finals held on Tuesday, December 8th.  The event is sponsored by Coca-Cola’s Venturing & Emerging Brands (VEB), which is Coca-Cola’s internal initiative to identify and foster the next generation of emerging beverage companies. As far as what we can expect with the competition, BevNet has described the following experience, “Expert judging panels provide immediate critique and review, while products are shown in front of the more than 500 industry professionals in attendance, as well as a broad-reaching live video stream audience. In addition to the possibility of winning up to $10,000 in cash and prizes, brands are exposed to potential distributors, retailers, investors and other partners while receiving immediate, relevant feedback that can improve their chances for growth and success.”

The event will be streamed live online from BevNet’s website – – and the public will be able to vote for the companies they like best. Winner of the audience vote automatically secures a spot in Tuesday’s final round. So stay tuned and we will give you voting instructions as soon as we have them available!!!

Past winners have gone on to secure and expand national retail placement and distribution. The event hosts a sold-out crowd of 500 industry insiders including buyers for some of the largest retail outlets as well as distributors, major investment firms, and national press. Companies presenting in the showdown can look forward to launching themselves onto a national platform. It really is a HUGE opportunity to be able to get in front of important beverage industry decision makers at such an early stage. This will undoubtedly help amplify IGZU’s voice and further our disruptive conversation centered on sustainable ingredients.

Wish us luck in Santa Monica!

  • Zach & Courtney